New FCC rules could let internet providers (think: Comcast) end net neutrality and slow down sites like Netflix and Tumblr. The vote on proposed rules is today!

Use Tumblr to take a stand. Share this image, and add this code to your Tumblr theme.

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A Helpful Hand in Exchange for Promotion

Hey everyone, I need someone to type up all of the Laws of Modern Man and Laws of Modern Woman into a word document. If you’re interested in having you, your blog, or your brand promoted on the site you’re who I’m looking for. First person to reblog this and email me at ( a finished typed up of all the laws will get steady promotion over the next weeks. 

Again my email is

Hurry if you’re interested. I’ll look over all offers; I promise. 

Twitter Posting?

Which would you prefer, that our posts on twitter be written out as text tweets or be photograph links to the posters?